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Dark City Games adventures are ready-to-play role-playing games.

They are designed for solitaire or group play. All components (except dice) are included--the adventure booklet A5 Size, rules , counters and a paper board.

In the adventure, you play your characters, making the decisions that they face in the adventure.

The story changes, based on the decisions you make. When confronting enemies, you play out combat on the playing board with the included pieces.


Wolves on the Rhine

In a lonely outpost, on the border between the Roman Empire and the barbarian hinterlands stands a small group of Roman soldiers. Raids by barbarian hordes threaten your Legion, and soon the Empire itself! Someone is growing rich from these raids and it may not be the barbarians alone. As the Twentieth Legion teeters on the brink of collapse, YOU must find a way to stop the Wolves on the Rhine!

Wolves on the Rhine is a complete historical fiction adventure for solitaire or group play. This game includes the adventure booklet, game rules, playing pieces and game board. It is suitable for ages 12 and up and is compatible with other game systems such as Melee


Rules book , hex map sheet , counters --> style game ,new factory sealed, it suitable for one to four players.

"Vare legiones redde" !  Varo give me back my legions !  (Emperor Octavianus Augustus after the defeat in Germany)


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Gamers comments : 

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I thought that the writing was gritty--you can feel the dirt under your fingernails when you play. Also, this is the first historic roman adventure that I've seen, and I'd like to see more of them.I concede that the game was more linear than the other DCG adventures, but I still liked it.

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