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Warumono 2 the board game



From a secretive underworld crime syndicate, a huge stockpile of illegal loot is stolen. The thieves are a group from the very same organization. However the real drama starts once the betrayal and ruthless deception and scrambling begins, as one of the thieves attempts to take the loot all for himself. Who will be the one to outfox their colleagues, evade the syndicate cronies, and make a getaway with a suitcase filled with loot? Enjoy the intense mind games played out against the backdrop of the criminal underworld.

The Yakuza board game.....  are  you  going  undercover ?  ....your bluff did not work ..get the money and ..... getaway...time is running....


Price £ 39


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Players comments:


Excellent bluffing game, all over in 30 minutes.  Very cool bits.

 I won, and it is Japanese, which probably added a point


...not to be missed !

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