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Void Station 57


Dark City Games adventures are ready-to-play role-playing games.

They are designed for solitaire or group play. All components (except dice) are included--the adventure booklet

 A 5 size, rules , counters and a paper board.

In the adventure, you play your characters, making the decisions that they face in the adventure.

The story changes, based on the decisions you make.

 When confronting enemies, you play out combat on the playing board with the included pieces.


Void Station 57

You emerge from hyperspace with your fuel tanks empty. Expecting to simply refuel and leave, you instead find a dead

 station, spinning powerless and silent in the eternal void. With no other source of fuel, you have no choice but to search the

 cold, ebon corridors of Void Station 57.

It comes with an adventure booklet (28 pages, digest sized), a hex map, a sheet of card stock counters, and a small rules

 pamphlet. It suitable for one to six players and is compatible with other role playing systems.



Gamers Comments:

Nice sci-fi themed micro-game. Players have the option of using the stand-alone system rules provided with the game or other manufacturer's rule sets

 such as Melee/Wizard/TFT rules or GURPS (enterprising persons could presumably convert the game to d20 or the Rolemaster/Spacemaster series).

 Simple to learn with quick combat and skill resolution rules; suitable for solo play or play with a referee/GM. I played (solo) with the provided rules

 and though I would prefer a more detailed combat resolution system, I still found VS 57 enjoyable. Replayability is sacrificed since the game is a

 programmed adventure; nevertheless, I'm looking forward to replaying the game using either the Melee or GURPS rules to provide more tactical

 flavour. Based on my experience with this game (the first in DCG's Legends of Time and Space), I'll purchase new titles in this series

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