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Valor & Victory is a board game of WW2 squad level combat. Through the shattered ruins of a quaint European village, and the sandy steam of Tulagi and Guadalcanal Islands (Pacific), Valor & Victory put you in command of the troops and machines that fought across the battlefields of WW2.

Published by Print & Play Games USA and produced in limited number for Brascogames U.K., this custom made set comes packaged into a Zip Bag Lock War Game style.


9 Cardstock Hexes Maps 19.1 cm x 32 cm

2 x D6 Dice. B/W Rules booklet.

Colour scenario booklet with 10 Scenarios.

Approx. 230 x 1.7 cm pre cut counters including:

American and German Infantry, support weapons and vehicles, tracking counters, fortifications, Japanese and US. Marines Infantry.

2 player 

Playing time: up to 90 minutes 

Difficulty: intermediate

Also Included a full color cover art picture, signed by the artist

Richard Taylor, printed on  A4 size heavy paper .

Price £ 57, please choose your Paypal option below;

1st button to UK, 2nd to Europe and 3rd Worldwide.

Valor and Victory is a professionally written, perfectly play tested, excellently produced Hex and Counters WW2 war game, very intuitive in its play.

Each playing piece (counter) has clearly indicated: Nationality, Unit type, Anti Personal Fire Power APFP, Range, Casualty rating and much more, see explanatory picture. Basic rule include: Attacks using APFP or Anti Tank Fire Power ATFP, Range and lost of sight LOS, Cover and/or terrain modifiers, Gun shield, Platoon leader modifier, Movement expending points.

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