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Specialty board games for your quality time
 proudly presents a Brian Train game:


A war game on the Tupamaro urban guerrilla movement in Uruguay, 1968-72. 

The guerrilla player has many subtle strategies to try while the Government player struggles to train his security forces and keep the people on his side. 

Scales: abstract in terms of time, troops and space. All the action took place inside a single large city (Montevideo, the capital city) over the length of four years, between groups of very different size, so the usual space and time dilemmas of many "standard" war games do not arise. Therefore, the map is a non-representational 'map of attitudes' of the people of Montevideo, a turn is an indeterminate period of time, and the counters represent units from individual or "fighting cell" up to battalions of police and army troops.

Basic components: Plastic pouch, rules, charts, 100 counters (non mounted), two 8.5 "x 11" attitude maps.


Urban guerrillas warfare in Uruguay, 1968-72. Many "non-kinetic" political options.

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