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"Triagonal" is a new abstract strategy board game designed by David Barnes, "Triagonal" is generally about gaining the most sectors of the game board...

 Additionally, players can earn themselves extra bonus points each time they form a hexagon, players should also watch out for others attempting to gain one of several instant win opportunities   ...............Triagonal includes 7 playing options  :

- a strategy game -
- several chance games -
- a solo game -
- a team game -
- a gambling game -
- a Connect 4, 5, 6 or 7 game -
and more.


It can be played by 1 to 4 players from age 5 to adult.
You can play it as a pure strategy game.
Add an element of chance by including any one or both custom dice.
When on your own - you can play a solo option.

Or simply design many colourful geometric patterns and tessellations using the 120 tiles and 84 sector formers.

  • 120 x Marker Tiles moulded in 4 colours,30 each of.
  • 84 x Sector Formers moulded in black.
  • 1 x Custom printed numeric die.
  • 1 x Custom printed colour die.
  • 1 x Game Board moulded in white.
  • 1 x List of Playing Options.




pictures courtesy of D.Barnes




Price £13


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Add an element of chance by including any one or both custom dice

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