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Two parsecs out from Void Station 57, the Abaddon/Sheol binary system spins

through the stygian darkness. The twin planets would be lifeless ice-rocks if not

for the Dark Star Containment facility for the criminally incorrigible. The Terran

Bureau of Investigation has traced a deadly new street drug to the facility. As

contract investigators, you must resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

However, your investigation only scratches the surface of a far greater menace.



Dark City Games adventures are ready-to-play role-playing games.

They are designed for solitaire or group play. All components (except dice) are

included--the adventure booklet A5 Size, rules , counters and a paper board.

In the adventure, you play your characters, making the decisions that they face

in the adventure.

The story changes, based on the decisions you make. When confronting

enemies, you play out combat on the playing board with the included pieces




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