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"For what looks like a very simple game, it is surprising how much strategy there is in the game."


"the best football board game ever"



"Simple mechanics with nice strategies. A good, solid soccer board game."





I have been a big fan of board games for many years. I am an Australian who has recently moved to the UK and here I have found a number of places to indulge this passion!

I don't normally play very many sports based board games but when my friend introduced me to this one I was immediately hooked!

The game works with your team of 11 pawns set up in pre-determined positions on the board/football pitch that has been laid out in a grid. These positions are similar to those of normal football and give each team an equal spread over their half of the pitch. Players roll the dice to determine which side starts with control of the ball.

The game uses 1 dice, allowing a maximum player move / ball kick of 6 places. Players can only move vertically and horizontally around the grid, diagonal moves are not allowed.

The game works by players taking turns rolling the dice to get their players into key positions. The object of the game for the side with control of the ball is to get the ball close enough to the goal to shoot and hopefully get past the goal keeper. The main tactic is to get your players into position so that you can pass the ball safely between them, based on the result of the dice, and push forward to score.

The main objective for the side without control is to move a player on to the same square as the opponent who is controlling the ball, thus forcing the player to pass the ball on their next roll. This forced pass means that the ball can end up all alone in the middle of the field while players from both sides work to reposition themselves to have the best chance of reclaiming possession. 

is great for all levels of experience as the tactical style of plays allows for a rather simple understanding (as in my case) but I am sure a deeper understanding of strategy would generate quite a riveting experience!

This game requires the use of good strategy and tactics to score a goal but it is important to remain flexible as you can't always account for the random result of the dice. In fact this randomised component of the game is one of the most exciting parts as both teams edge closer and closer to gaining control of the ball, with goals and player movements hanging on the result of the dice!! Fantastic!

Great game for kids as it combines football with the educational component of devising strategy. But of course, as I am myself testament to, even us older kids can really get involved in these games!

All in all I would say that Strato-Football is a winner! GOAL!!!!!!

J. Foot

Sydney  Australia

Board game: Strato-Football
Designer: W. Muller
Players: 2

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