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 Square Shooters


Square Shooters is the first deck of cards on dice


The 9 amazing Square Shooters® dice are printed with a full deck of 52 cards plus 2 jokers

— every playing card face from a standard deck of cards are on there!

The dice are patented with a special design so you can roll hands for rummy, poker, 21 , black jack and many more games.

For example, the dice can achieve every 4-of-a-kind, every rummy run, every straight flush, and every royal flush!

While you can use Square Shooters® to create a dice version of almost any card game,

 you can get started with the game we’ve created: The Original Square Shooters®

using a special target deck of cards included.






9 dice, 42 game cards, score keeping chips, storage pouch, rules.


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Player quotes:


Fun game that puts a deck of playing cards on dice! Easy to play and quick to get through

for those days when there's not enough time but you want a bit of fun in your day!


....better poker hands and multiple games variations thanks to these amazing dice!