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Game Designer: T. De Coninck

Printing - Manufacturing: Print & Play Productions  A.Tullsen

Production: N. Cozzolino - Brascogames London U.K.


Splut! is an abstract strategy boardgame. It has a fantasy themed setting, with the looks of a chess game. 2 To 4 players compete in an arena where they each control a team consisting of one Stonetroll and one Dwarf, led by a Sorcerer as coach. During your turn you have three moves to make with your pawns. Try to get your Stonetroll to a Rock (four Rocks are provided in the arena) and let him throw it onto an opposing Sorcerer. This will eliminate that team. By moving your pawns ingeniously around the board, you must take out all other players Sorcerers. Push other pawns with your Dwarf, levitate Rocks into place with your Sorcerer and throw Rocks around the arena with your Stonetroll. Mind your head!






Tokens on Wood Discs for

 4 players (stickers on colored wood discs)


Rock the Wizard

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