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Solomon's Stones is a fast paced addictive strategy game for two players.  Inspired by ancient wisdom, Solomon's Stones is a truly classic game that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Can you force your opponent to take the last stone ?  Remove as many stones as you want from any row on the board.  Remove the right ones and your opponent is trapped.  Remove the wrong ones and you could be left with no choice but to take the last stone.  The rules are so simple you will learn to play in seconds.  As you play you will soon realise there is more to this game than firsts meets the eye.  Use increasingly complicated strategies to out-wit your opponent, the more you play the harder it will be to beat you.

Solomon's Stones are naturally occurring semi-precious hematite gemstones.  Each has been individually polished to the highest standard.  According to folklore, hematite is the 'stone for the mind' as it boosts concentration and logical thinking .






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