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Soccer Chess

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April 2018


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Comments about Soccer Chess :


Soccer Chess has a nice, strategic feel and your ability to make the most of your players will come with repeated playing sessions. The game does not take long to play, and experience and appreciation for it will come quickly. As players become more familiar with the simple mechanics and their application, you can shock a novice player with an amazing ability to get the ball downfield very quickly with skillful positioning and passes. Soccer Chess is a hard game to find, at least in the USA. I had to purchase one from the UK here on the Boardgamegeek Marketplace to get my copy. The seller did his best to make postage as painless as possible, however. Despite the price tag, this is a game that will get played over and over again, and I will more than get my money?s worth over time. I recommend this to all football (errEsoccer to my fellow Yanks) fans. If you can find a copy, get it!

The starting set up choice ( 4-4-2 / 1-3-4-2) open a great range of tactical decisions, well done grapac!

.....No doubt this is a good football (soccer) simulation..

Nice components, and above all strategic and (at the same time) fast game play - this is a winner! 

Soccer Chess e' la prova che un gioco puo ' essere strategico e divertente allo stesso tempo, senza perdere ore a studiare il regolamento....

Luca (Siena - Italia)

Soccer Chess es muy divertido y sobre todo estrategico  Juan  Echevarria  Veracruz (MX)





how to describe soccer chess ? ....  terrific replay value ...if  you are lookin' for a soccer board game ..stop searchin' the found it..(Karl -Essen Germany)

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