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SCOPA the Classic Italian card game:

Scopa is played with a classic Italian deck; the name is an Italian noun meaning "broom", since taking a scopa means "to sweep" all the cards from the table. The deck is divided into four suits, called CoinsCupsSwords and Batons. Although several patterns (more than 22 regional decks are available) of Italian cards exist, the one more commonly used for playing Scopa is the NAPOLETANE (Napoli - Naples). Counting, Memory and Skills are important to the outcome of the game. Online rules, videos explanations are largely available in different languages.


For sale 1 (one) deck of

40 cards beautifully illustrated

2 - 4 players 

Card size: 50.5 x 83.5 mm.


Price £ 12.50

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About Armanino brand:

Fratelli Armanino (Armanino Brothers)

The Armanino brothers firm operated in Genova from 1875 to 1920 when it moved to Rome and operated until c.1960. Armanino was an acclaimed Italian cards brand that has been revamped by Modiano in recent times. The special coated system gives the cards an unrivalled flexibility and durability. Armanino by Modiano cards, is produced and printed using stunning paper finishing techniques. The Armanino cards deck is a fine quality superbly crafted product made in Italy.

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