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RED TYPHOON simulates the early 1942 Russian counter-offensive in front of Moscow

that annihilate the 3rd Panzer division and almost destroyed the Army Group Center

(German: Heeresgruppe Mitte).

Can you as the Soviet player complete the destruction or can you as the German player

survive the Soviet onslaught?

RED TYPHOON is a two player game following a turn sequence system with activation points controlling

 the movement and attack of each of your formations.

 This means that some units will not move or attack, some will just move or just attack and

 some will both move and attack.

 The players choices of how to use his activations is the most important decision in the game.

 Combat is fairly traditional with the additions that units are retreated by the attacking

 player and that retreated units are disrupted.

 Players able to take advantage of these two factors will be successful. 


Zip Bag version

2 player game

55 cm x 86 cm playing map
200 counters 1/2 " size

1 x Complimentary D6 dice
 Rule book - Charts

Hexes map

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