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Primero - Primiera:

 The 16th century Poker.

"Che chi trovò gli scacchi o il tavoliero.
La primiera è un gioco tanto bello,   
e tanto travagliato, tanto vario,
che l'età nostra non basterebbe a sapello"
 Francesco Berni (Italian poet 1497-1535)

..roughly translate: from a  renaissance (very old fashion) Italian:

"...not only Chess and Backgammon there is a much better game out there with so many variants
 and subtle tactics that your entire life will not be enough to master it"

Primero - Primiera is played with a 40 card deck, for instance there are special decks made for it such as:
 Modiano Primiera Bolognese.

The object of the game, as in Poker, is to attain the highest possible hand, or to bluff your opponents.

Standard English rules leaflet included.

1 deck 40 cards - Modiano special quality triplex "coat" printing - card size: 49 x 104 mm

Card deck suitable for games like: SCOPA, BRISCOLA etc.

Price £ 12.50

   To U. K.



Modiano (Trieste - Italia) since 1868, is synonyms of Innovation, Mastery, Quality, Tradition , in crafting - production of playing cards.

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