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MODIANO Poker Club

playing cards.

The famous Modiano Art Deco stained glass back pattern is an historical feature of

the Italian firm, playing cards production, since his beginning. The company hired

artists like Vito Timmel (dob. 1886),  Sandor Bortnyik (dob. 1893) to

create posters and graphic art for their marketing operations.

 For sale:

 2 packs of 54 premium quality playing cards

 1 red back and 1 blue back

 4 index - Size 63 mm x 88 mm

featuring a duplex coated printing 320 gsm for enhanced strength and flexibility.

Manufacturing process includes:

MODIANO extra calendaring* procedure and water based color transferring 

 for a sleek, excellent edges; premium quality finished pack of cards.

*Calendering is a finishing process used on cloth, paper, or plastic film.

 A calender is employed, usually to smooth, coat, or thin a material.

MODIANO Poker Club

playing cards

Modiano (Trieste - Italy): since 1884 unmatched excellence

in premium quality playing cards production.


You will receive 2 packs of cards

 1 blue back and 1 red back

Free Modiano black cutting card

Price £12.90

 to U. K.

 to Europe


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