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PLATEAU is a new abstract strategy board game invented  by Jim Albea, it is a

deceptively simple game played on a 4x4 grid. Pieces are added to and moved on the

board with the goal of capturing six of the opponents pieces or making a stack of pieces

six tall, each playing piece has colored rings attached to its top and bottom faces; the

color of the ring that's showing indicates how the piece moves. At the start of your move,

you can flip the top piece in a stack over, changing how that piece moves. And your

opponent isn't allowed to look underneath your pieces to see what might be there. With

this significant bluffing aspect, tied to the transformation of units, as well as two very

different ways to win, PLATEAU is a unique abstract strategy game for 2 players.


1990 Video

Just when you think you've seen all there is to see in the world of abstract games, along comes something like Plateau  a MASTERPIECE


"Plateau is unique and amazing in that such grand strategies can be played on such a small board. other game like it." 1992  Sid Sackson


how to describe PLATEAU ...??

excellently executed !!! one of the best abstract the modern era produced so far..



Sold Out - Jan. 2020


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