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Operation Battleaxe

 is an area impulse system quick-playing depiction of the June 1941 Allied

 offensive in the North African desert.

 The Allies possess more tanks, including the Queen of the Desert, the Matilda,

have mastery of the air.

 Crossing the Egyptian border into Libya their mission is simple:

 destroy the Afrika Korps, and lift the siege of Tobruk!

 The Axis forces in the path of the Allied advance

 occupy well-prepared strong points, and lurking somewhere

 behind them are the German panzers

  and Rommel; The Desert Fox.

 The next three days of battle will decide the course

 of the war 
in the desert for months to come. 

Game Components:

The game consists of the following components:

1 x 22" x 17" full colour map

88 - full colour 5/8" die-cut counters

12 Page Rule Booklet

2 x Complimentary D6 dice

Ziploc Bag


Price £ 32

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