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Monkey Queen is a two player abstract board game, played on a 12 x 12 checkers board. The board is initially set up with two queens - one stack of 20 pawns for each player, set on the 'F' and 'G' files on opposite sides of the board.


A monkey queen captures exactly like a Chess queen. Slide in any direction along a straight line of

unoccupied squares ending with the capture of an enemy piece.


When not capturing, a queen moves any distance in any direction, again like a Chess queen, except it leaves

its bottom disc (baby monkey birth) behind on the originating square, reducing its stack height by one.


A monkey baby, like a monkey queen, captures exactly like a Chess queen.

Babies also have a non-capture move. You win if you capture the enemy queen, or deprive your opponent of

moves. (bggeek)


 Final Production 07/03/2015


Game Designer: Mark Steere

Printing - Manufacturing: Print & Play Productions  A.Tullsen

Executive Producer: Nello Cozzolino


Box Cover Art: 


Refreshed Clip Art by Brascogames (source openclipart)



Mounted folding playing board 12 x 12.

 20 x 1″ plastic chips, 2 with a Queen sticker on them.

Rules Leaflet  


sold out


 The Abstract that I was always waiting for; simple rules, but on the big board (12 x 12) there is room to develop strategic attacks and defences. A board game worth some repeated play to explore the possibilities. (brascogames)


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