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Master and Commander

From 1775 to 1815 the world was ruled from Europe by wooden warships,

each lined with cast iron and loaded cannons. It was a time

of high seas adventures, intrepid captains, .... the age of

fighting sail.

" Beat the quarters lads "

 Master and Commander is a simulation of Napoleonic

 naval combat for 2 player.

Simple rules are employed for fast play while still

retaining the essence of Napoleonic naval combat.



Zip bag version

8-Page Rule book

120 Double-Sided 1" x 1/2" Ship Counters

88 5-8" Crew, Marine, and Miscellaneous Markers

55.88 cm x 43.18 cm Hex Grid Sea Game Board

21.59 cm x 28 cm Hex Grid Sea Template

3 Historic Napoleonic Naval Scenarios

plus 3 extra printed pages

Paper compass

North Carolina  Scenario

Rules Addendum



Crew Quality Ratings

Ship Ratings 1 to 6

Grappling Action

Wind Direction Effect

Ship Drifting

Ship Collisions

Ship Fire Power Ratings

Ship Movement Ratings

Boarding Combat

Fire Combat

Coast-to-Ship Combat



Game Designer: Michael W. Kennedy


Price £ 49

to U.K.


to Europe


Worldwide Delivery

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