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( Game designer: Wayne Hong )


Mahjong Poker is a new card game (only one deck needed) for up to 6 (or more) players.


Each player has 4 chances to make a winning hand

(called a “Hu”). Each player’s hand is independent of

every other player’s hand.








(Courtesy Wayne Hong)




The Mahjong Poker deck has 82 cards. There are 3 suits:

 Green (Bamboo), Red (Kanji) and Black (Copper).

In each suit the cards are numbered from A to 9, with 3 identical cards for each number.

(Therefore each suit has 27 cards.); and there is also 1 Joker (Wild Card).

Each player is dealt a hand of cards and uses these together with the community cards

dealt by the house to try to form a Hu.

A Hu consists of either:

  • a TRIPS of three identical cards plus a pair of identical cards, or
  • a RUN of three consecutive cards of the same suit plus a pair of identical cards.

When making a Hu, the joker is wild, and can be used to represent any card the player needs.

Extra credit is given for a FLUSH Hu - a hu of either type in which all five cards are of the same suit.


In traditional poker-based games, there are 3-card straights and flushes, 5-card straights and flushes, and so on.

The cards in a pair can be of different suits, and the cards in a straight can be of different suits.

 Higher-numbered cards outrank lower numbered cards.

In Mahjong Poker, there are only 2-card pairs and 3-card sets: TRIPS and RUN.

The cards in a pair must be identical, and the 3 cards in a set must of the same suit.

Higher-numbered cards do not outrank lower-numbered cards.




1 deck 82 cards, rules.



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