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In Knock! Knock! 3-6 players compete to host the coolest, hippest Halloween party possible.  The game is a game of bluff as the only way partygoers can join a party is if you open the door for them; but since they are arriving from the other players, who knows if they will have a good or bad effect on your party?  Guests include headless horsemen, vampires, and computer geeks (ewwwww, who wants those at a good party?)The game is playable by anyone ages 7 and over and is a great family game as hands take only 10-20 minutes to play.

3-6 Players
20-30 Minutes


  price £ 10    

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player comments : 

Excellent halloween game.

My daughter of 7 loves the game.

 A surprisingly fun super-light bluffing game.

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