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Khanhoo the ancient

 Chinese card game.

"The game of Khanhoo"

The draw and discard set collection game that was very popular in the Hong Kong Victorian era

  and during the 30's in Zhifu (Shandong province) and Shanghai, it was 

 first introduced in England by W. H. Wilkinson Esq. (1858 -1930) Consul in China for HBM.

Easy to learn and fun to play, Khanhoo offers both beginners and experienced players

 the opportunity to develop valuable card-playing strategy and techniques.

  This premium card stock deck manufactured in U.K. and produced

 by Brascogames, has been developed to celebrate an older game: Khanhoo;

 which has endured for a reason because it's a leading international classic card game.

Featuring standard bridge size 57 mm x 89 mm, classic cards artwork with an oriental touch,

 double index, plastic-coated finish, 320 gsm embossed card stock,

 The Brascogames Khanhoo is a premium quality playing cards pack that provides

 an excellent handling and sleek finish.


Tuck box with Khanhoo logo

61 special design cards for Khanhoo:

Rule booklet in A5 size


Aim of the game: To accumulate and score 50 points through memory skills,

 various card combinations, melds, laid off and tactics. 2 - 4

 player recommended.

Special design King Imperial family, no suit with scoring matching reminder.

Special design Ace of hearts,  with scoring matching line.

" Thus the Queen shows two 8 of clubs, because she forms with two 8 of clubs the combination known as

Q's imperial group scoring 4 points.

She's not the Queen of clubs there is no Queen of clubs she's a Queen absolutely."


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Khanhoo Review by Rick Heli


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