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Designed by two Keio University students (Tokyo - Japan). Jintol is an area control portable abstract boardgame for 2 players; on a 5 x 5 board with 16 fixed pegs. each players has 8 tiles (purple violet or mixed color) . This special squared tile can cover four squares of the board. You can place your tile in any part of the board that is completely free or by overlapping with another piece by one or more squares of the same color, but you can't cover the whole space of  your opponent's piece. There are also 8 special action cards that can change the outcome of the play if strategically deployed. The winner is the player with the majority of his own color squares at the end of the game.

Rules in English included.




Approx playing board size 13 cm x 13 cm.


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12 April 2015


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