Specialty Board Games for your quality time


Specialty board games for your quality time

Presents a:
 Dmitry Kibkalo design
 in exclusive for the
UK market:


The treasure island flipping tile adventure board game.
Pure distilled RUM fun for Everyone in the family, with
enough tension, suspense, tactical choices to satisfy any

Pirates disembark from a ship on a Treasure Island and try to locate, scout as much
gold as possible. Each player controls 3 sailors, who can
move around the island, carry found treasures, fight enemies
and discover new adventures.

The playing board is a large map of a Treasure Island, made up of
?land - grass field ? tiles in random order. When a pirate enters an unknown
area, they turn over the tile and discover their fate.
 No game ever will be the same because
the ground will be unique and completely different every time
you lay out the tiles at the beginning of the play.......

JACKAL a treacherous game for 2 to 4 players! Age 8+



 117 land grass field tiles with
different pictures.
 4 Pirates ship tiles.
 12 wood pirate pawn (diff. colours).
 37 doubloons.
 Fully Illustrated English rule book.

Pictures courtesy of Mosigra - Russia


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