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(Game Designer: Mike Layfield)

The chess board game not for squares.

Hexes Chess is played on 54 hexagons rather than 64 squares.
 Though it uses fewer “spaces” and fewer pieces than conventional chess (only six pawns per player),
 the hexagonal format greatly increases the mobility of each piece. 

If you are familiar with the rules of chess, you will find Hexes Chess to be logical and intuitive.
 Even if you are new to chess, the illustrated rules sheet will have you playing in minutes. 

Hexes Chess uses three bishops per player - one for each of the 3 colors on the playing board mat.
The object of the game is the same as the standard chess: to checkmate your opponent's king, however:

"the hexagonal format greatly increases the mobility of each piece"


• Padded carrying case with removable, adjustable shoulder strap.
• Flexible vinyl game mat board with simulated reptile skin graphics - approx size 40 cm x 66 cm. 
• 30 tournament top notch quality chess pieces (green felt on the base)
 (King size 3.75 inches tall) with 2 drawstring pouches.
• Illustrated Rules Sheet and Notation Guide.


Players Comments:

The Hexagonal Chess with rotational symmetry, and increased pawn mobility!

Hexes Chess is a one of the best western chess variants. The board magnifies the power of the traditional chess pieces.

The trick is retraining your mind to see what ranks, files and diagonals the pieces are now controlling.


The pieces move in additional defined ways, beyond those allowed in traditional chess.
 That feature, the additional bishop and the use of 3 colors on the game board all add interesting dimensions to the game.
 It is also highly focused and plays pretty quickly.


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