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Graverobbers the card game :



Extra! Extra!  Bodies missing from cemeteries again! Police baffled!

Nunhead...Brompton...Highgate....Norwood  the dead rest in peace in the cemeteries of 1882 London. But not for long.

The doctors and scientists of England have found they need bodies for their research and the living are not fond of donating organs or limbs, but dead men tell no tales. In a battle of wits, the scientists and their lackeys are matched against the finest law enforcement officials in the world, the steadfast bobbies of the London police department and the detectives of Scotland Yard. But where do the everyday men and women of London fit in? Should they help the cause of science and conceal the robberies? Or should they tell the police of the heinous crimes befouling London’s elegant and serene cemeteries?

Players are trying to save (or destroy) graves in 1880s London cemeteries.  Players have secret objectives--playing cards makes the objectives more attainable, BUT--you score points based on cards still in hand when the game is done (so the more you play, the less you score).  Worse still, half the cards help, the other half hurt your scoring--but to ditch the bad cards, you have to play them...and potentially hurt your chances of winning in the first place!!  Very tricky.

3-6 Players







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perfect for an halloween evening

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