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Fast Track Derby
A family-friendly board game that
brings you all the thrills and
excitement of horse racing
Fast Track Derby 
is an exciting new horse racing board game that the entire family will love. It has all the thrills of cheering your horse to victory, in an easy to play board game that is both fast-paced and incredibly fun.

A beautiful, high-quality board game that looks as good as it plays.
Cheer your horse around the track to the finish line, and take home the prize!!
Perfect for all ages

Great, wholesome family fun, no gambling references or odds just the thrills and excitement of pure horse racing.

There is nothing like the feeling of cheering your horse to victory at the racetrack. And there is no board game that captures that feeling quite like Fast Track Derby. It can be learned in five minutes, and can be played by 2-8 people for hours on end. Your entire family will be cheering their horse as they round the track on their way to the finish line ! come on number three !
Game Board

Box weight packed approx. 1.4 kg.





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