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Elemental Dice


 Elemental Dice 

is inspired by the classical elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. This five dice game comes with rules for 2 different games;

 Elemental Battle (played with 2 dice) and Elemental Bind*.

Elemental Battle: Each player Takes 2 dice. One spare dice is left aside.

 Each player throws one dice in turn. the strongest element thrown wins and the winning player retains both dice.

Players continue to throw until one player is out of dice and must pick up the spare.

 The winner is the player who takes all of the dice. If at any stage players get the same result the dice must be rolled again.


Elemental Bind*:

The first player throws all the dice, trying to get the best result according to the chart or they may pick only 2 or 3 dice and throw the again to increase the score.

 Extra scoring rules are adding different ways to gain points

 giving to Elemental Dice a touch of strategy.

Both games are using the Elements value chart provided:

 1) Creation(strongest) - 2) Earth - 3) Water - 4) Fire - 5) Air - 6 ) Time (weakest)and rolling scoring chart: 5 x creation - 5 x Air - 5 x Water etc.

If there are only two players, the winner is the best out of three rounds.




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