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The Solitaire War game


Decima Flottiglia MAS 1941 the Gibraltar Mission: code B.G 4 is a new

 solo war game.

 The play system is inspired by the events that took place

 on 20/09/1941 at 01 AM during the WW2; a fictional retelling of the regia

 marina Submarine Scire' frogmen assault unit,

 that stormed the bay, the mighty:

Decima Flottiglia Mas



Operation B.G.4 (Gibraltar Bay 4)
September 20 1941
First ever successful limpeters*
 commando attempt to storm the bay.
Gibraltar was the most guarded port, military
base in the whole Mediterranean, better said in the whole world.
3 cargo ships, oil tankers were badly damaged and sunk.

Commanding Officer on the Italian
Regia Marina submarine SCIRE' (Adua class):
 Junio Valerio Borghese

3 couples of commandos, special troops on manned torpedo = S.L.C.
 = Siluro Lenta Corsa = Slow Run Torpedo
 - a.k.a Maiale = Hog

S.L.C. 1 (Commando: Catalano - Giannoni)
S.L.C. 2 (Commando: Vesco - Zozzoli)
S.L.C. 3 (Commando: Visintini - Magro)
Back up team support on board
  the SCIRE': (Commando: Merceglia - Schergat)
Casualties: none

All commandos swam to Spain and returned safely to Italy,

 where they were decorated, as were the crew of the SCIRE

* Limpet Mine


From David Brown former Head of the Naval historical Branch,

 Ministry of Defense (London U.K.)

 Official Report:

20/9/1941 Bay of Gibraltar

Bulk Storage hulk Fiona Shell 5000 tons: Sunk

R.F.A. tanker Denbydale 17000 tons: Damaged Beyond Repair

Armed Motor Ship Durham 15893 tons: Damaged Beyond Repair

 Cause: Chariots from Italian Submarine Scire'


Executive Producer: Nello Cozzolino

Artwork & Layout:  Richard Taylor

All photos on this website page are copyrighted material

 and all rights are reserved to Nello Cozzolino -

 © Brascogames London United Kingdom

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