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For 2 players aged 8 years old and more, the games last 15 minutes.


24 playing cards + 4 dices + 1 plastic box


The game is played in 3 stages, the defending player is holding the cards and the

attacking player throws the dices. To win one stage the player with the dices must

take as many matching cards as possible from the defending player. Each card has a different

symbol/value matching the side of the dice. At the end of each stage, each player count his points (the total max. points scorable is 228),

the defender keeps the cards not taken by the attacker at the end of each turn.


. Stage 1 : Each player takes a card randomly and the player with the higher score

can choose to be on the defending or attacking side. The defending player takes the

cards and the second player the dices. At each round, the defending player lays 4

cards that he chooses on the table then, the player with the dices will threw the dices

3 times and will collect the cards that match the dices. The stage will end after 6

rounds when the defending player will have used-up his 24 cards.

Stage 2 : The defending player become attacking player and the defendant

will take the dices.

Stage 3 : The player who got most of the score during stage 1 and 2 can

decide to be defendant or attacking for the last stage.

The player who win the last stage wins the game.


Both players can agree at the beginning to play the game in 2 stages and the winner

will be the player with higher score.



scoring example



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Session Report


I bought this little game on a total whim. My wife enjoys both dice and card games and seeing it on the shelf in its clear little box, CirKle Duo 228 contained both. How could I go wrong? Besides it was inexpensive.

The game is quite simple and played in three rounds. One player is the attacker (dice roller) and the other the defender (chooses the cards that are in play). The defender places down four cards and the attacker rolls the dice three times, collecting the cards which match the symbols on the dice. There are 24 cards adding up to 228 points. In the second round players reverse the attacker/defender role. After two rounds the one whom has scored more chooses to be the attacker or defender for round three. Winner of round three wins the game.

In between flying World War One airplanes (Wings of War) and rolling Soccer Dice I showed this one to my wife on our game night. She liked it a great deal. She was the attacker in round one and amassed 139 points. I really had a cold hand round two and could only capture 75 points! Clearly ahead she chose to be the attacker in the decisive round three and her luck cooled somewhat, winning 128-100.

What is the verdict on the game? It was a good and economical purchase that will make for a nice alternative game on our family game night. There isn't much to it, but it is a fun dice fest for those whom like dice games. My wife does and as they say, Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Courtesy of W.Sariego



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