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Celles is a fast moving simulation of the fighting at the high watermark of the german Ardennes offensive aka "The Battle of the Bulge".
The Germans are advancing towards the Meuse river and are running out of fuel...The Allied forces are begin a counter-offensive to destroy the Panzer divisionen.
Alternating random activation by formation provides players with uncertainty and excitement. A war game with a rich historical feel and plenty opportunities for counter attack.

Game Components:

Ziplock bag wargame
1 x 22 - 17 inches full colour map of the battle (3/4 inch. Hexes)
88 x full colour 5/8 inches die - cut counters
8 x Page rule booklet
1 x Player chart
1 x D10 dice (Complimentary by Brascogames)
Map: 1 Mile per Hex
Players: 1 or 2

Price £ 31
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