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BELOT a.k.a. Belote or Belotte.


Belot is now the most popular card game in France and dates back as far 

as the 17th century. Countries all over the world including Bulgaria,

 Greece, Saudi Arabia play Belote.

The Name Belote  refers to a term that describes a trump held in a single hand.

A 32 cards deck was also used to play "La Belotte" and two other french games

 "Manille" and "Piquet", in Shanghai; at the celebrated French Club C.S.F. 290 Route Cardinal Mercier

 (Ballroom and Privee') during the 1930's concession.



Belote is a point-trick taking game for 2, 3, or 4 players (recommended).

A dedicated 32 cards deck is now available.

Modiano (Trieste - Italia) has created this exclusive deck based on German Swiss suits:

 Acorn, Bells, Hearts, Leaves (Greens)

1 deck 32 cards (From Ace to 7)

Duplex printing

Card size: 63x100 mm


This is a stunning deck ...with a stylish presentation.

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Price £ 12.50

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