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Alpen Express

Board game designed by Walter Muller the first to bring  your  passengers by train on the top of the ALPS. Players want to get their pawns into the center of the board, where there are three trains running around in concentric circles (in opposite directions). In order to get them there,you must move the trains in such a way that you will be picking your pl. pieces up and preventing your opponents from getting on the train (or off of the train).
.....a light strategy board game with a  beautiful board and wooden pl.pieces ...





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Comments about Alpen Express :

 The wood in this board game comes from well managed forests.

Independently certified in accordance with the rules of the forest stewardship council.

Much more strategy than first for backstabbing and secret/agreement against the winning player(variants).... A MASTERPIECE 
A cute game, with more options and strategy than most games aimed at children. Very nicely produced.

London U.K.

Specialty Board Games for your quality time