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Surf's up dude



A board game for 2-6 players, ......players compete to have their surfers catch the biggest waves and ride them all the way in to the beach--but be careful of sharks and other surfers cutting in!  Surf's Up is playable by ages 11 and up and usually plays in less than an hour!


2-6 Players
40-60 Minutes


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Cards Art Design





It's a board game--about the size of Ticket to Ride.
This is probably the BEST Moon/Weissblum design out there.


Played 5 times : The aim of Surf’s Up Dude! is to be the best surfer on the beach earning points catching waves.... Euro light strategy meets american style design...with a flashy comic art cover box , meeple pawns surfers and beach babes cards 

(Nello Cozzolino) Brascogames


Very cool game. Its basically a hand management game where you play cards to get your surfers onto waves and keep them there while competing with other surfers and even shark attacks.

It is also necessary to manage your team of surfers getting them to the ready area in order to catch a wave while balancing this with the need to replenish your hand. Quick to learn and fun.

(Bggeek user)