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Brascogames introducing :


Startaxi  the  card game


designed by Giorgio Vezzini




Driving through the universe has never been so funny Rejoin all the Alien Families: Space Tins, Sideral Cavemen, Star Dragons,

 Palienrrots and Halienweens with your StarTaxi, fill up your tank with your favourite fuel: StarShine!,

and bring them through Star's Eclipses, Asteroids and Radars.

Will you remember the road to their planets?!

A complete Strategy and Memory card game for 2-4 TaxiDriver.





          Contents :  

  • 36 Card:
  • 5 Alien Families:
  •  - 5 Space Tins
  •  - 5 Palienrrots
  •  - 5 Star Dragons
  •  - 5 Sideral Cavemen
  •  - 5 Halienween
  •  5 Planets
  •  6 Special Cards:
  •  - 1 Asteroid
  •  - 2 Teleport
  •  - 1 StarShine
  •  - 1 Star Eclipse
  •  - 1 Radar

price £14


 to UK


  Anywhere in the world



I  played StarTaxi yesterday and today- the wife beat me again- I am suprised the neighbors have not called the police yet. She is constantly beating me!

Anyway, I feel it necessary to add some comments about this game that my session did not mention- or I should mention again. It really is a neat little game that deserves more attention.

To begin with, the simplicity of StarTaxi is what makes it so wonderful. Everything comes well packed into a small box- you get 4 plastic spaceships (taxis), scorecards, markers for the scorecards, a wooden die, cards, and a rule sheet. Quite a lot in a little package- perfect for a roadtrip or camping.

But don't be fooled by the simplicity- it may be well designed to be simple, but it has a certain amount of thinking and strategy involved. And,I must add, you had better have a decent memory if you want to win. If you don't have one, this game could actually help you develope one!

There is a lot of fun involved, racing around the cards (which are all placed face down on the table to create your "universe") looking for matching colors. My wife was actually laughing when she would flip over the wrong color. She was so positive it was a different alien!

The object of the game, as stated before, is to race around with your spaceship (read StarTaxi), your distance controlled by the die roll and card usage. If a large open hole is created by cards being picked up, this becomes a "Black Hole", which means the only way to get across the void is to enter Hyperspace (three of your movement points).

The person who gets the most matches of like aliens will win the game, and if you grab a planet or two you will almost certainly win. Matches of like color aliens are also worth different amounts if male, female, or kids.

Components are of a good quality, and will stand up to repeated game play. Although adults played this game, this game would be great for kids- it reminded me slightly of Husker Du, which I played as a kid, but this theme was much more fun.

I suggest you run out to the curb and hail a taxi right now to buy this game.

And don't forget to tip the alien.

Courtesy of S.Bullock

 Fl. USA