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The strategy board game

 for 2 players


Bluff and strategy during the Prohibition time! Play like ?Al Capone, Dutch Shultz and Spike O'Donnell? 

 You are in the 20s, in a time of prohibition and the famous Speakeasies Saloons. You are at the head of a clan of gangsters.

Will you find the Speakeasy of your opponent before he finds yours?

Players have 25 pieces of different rank positioned on their playing board side.

They move in turn face hidden to the opponent along the streets,

in the alleys and even in buildings that serve as a ?safe house?.

 When two pieces meet, the biggest value scares the other which leaves the board.

 ?Kids? move faster while ?Babes? and ?FBI? scare away all the other gangsters but disappearing themselves.

A strategy/memory game that will force you to think ahead and plan your moves:

SPEAKEASY think strong!


2 players

25 - 30 minutes average playing time

From 9 years above

A board game by Didier Dincher

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