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 Pirates vs. Dinosaurs

the board game.



Designed by Richard Launius (creater of Arkham Horror), Pirates vs. Dinosaurs was originally conceived by a six year old boy.  In the game, players land their pirate ships on a lost island, looking for lost pirate treasure hidden on the island, except no one mentioned that the island still has dinosaurs!   Players have to race against one another to find the treasure while fighting off cannibals, dinosaurs, and the rumored ghosts of dead pirates who guard the treasure...

2 to 6 players.





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 Pirates vs. Dinosaurs is a board game for up to five players.  You play pirate captains looking for buried treasure, but you only have a couple clues--so that means you have to go find the landmarks mentioned on your scrap of treasure map in order to dig for the gold.  The catch is this island is the land that time forgot, inhabited by cannibals and...dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasties.


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