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Mercante in fiera, Merchant at the Fair, the mild gambling classical

 Christmas traditional Italian family game.

Each set consists of two decks, with 40 different pictures each; the illustrations are repeated in both packs,

but their backs are of different colour, usually red and blue (as in Bridge sets)

 In traditional sets, the pictures are inspired by nature or by everyday's life: subjects can be animals,

 or flowers, or fruits, or household objects, or pieces of furniture, people, craftsmen , etc.

Mercante in Fiera is a sort of mild gambling game, merely based on luck, by which kids

 and adults alike can play with equal opportunities of winning. The aim of the game is to win the 3 cards
that the auctioneer (merchant) has secretly drawn and put on the table with the prize on it,

 memory, players negotiations and a skillful hilarious auctioneer are

 an essential key point for a great game. 

English rules provided

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