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The Golf Board Game

(Game designers P. Penfold - K. Harris)

"Increase The Accuracy And Consistency of Every Golf Shot".



The aim of the game is to go round the 9 holecourse in the lowest

score using Skill with a Stroke of Luck.(Just like real golf)

The rules are very easy...just pick a ball,select a club and tee off,

 but beware of the course hazards and out bounds.


Players choose the club they want to use for each shot and draw a card that says how far that shot has gone.

There is a certain skill in judging the best club to use – though the range of each is shown on the board – and in avoiding the hazards.

Players also start with a hand of cards and must use these up.

Making the best use of these gives some further tactical options.







MATCHGOLF The Golf board game for up to 6 players

A Board Game of Skill with a Stroke of Luck

Matchgolf the game for golfers and non golfers to enjoy.




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