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From U.N. Colonial Marines Archival Transcripts:

Intralog U.S.S Feynman SLS1886 Gamma Quadrant - Galactic Core

CPL Orlov) "Private Marine you copy?.. over" 

P.M. Mendez) "Look man I only need one thing..where they are"

Security there is serious problem in the mess hall...

.... We figured a dozen of highly trained and well equipped marines with

the best of available technology could handle anything...

We figured wrong!





Join the UN Colonial Marine Corps in this exciting solitaire board game from designer N. Sofge!

 Take command of a team of 12 heavily armed space Marines as they board a crippled lab ship in a decaying orbit.

 Rescue the surviving crew, but beware of malevolent alien intruders, escaped lab animals, berserk robots and a sabotaged defence system.

 Work fast, the controls are smashed and the ship Vesuvius is plummeting towards a fiery end in the atmosphere below.

 The action is exciting and unpredictable from the minute you dock until the last shuttle blasts out!

This is a solo game, but since there are 12 marines, this can easily be played as a 2-4 player co-op game

 with each player controlling several marines. There is an official variant in the rules for playing it this way.

- Zip bagged classic version contents: 158 x 3 mm thick 1/2 inch counters, 43 cm x 55 cm paper map,

 20 pg rule book, Feynman Scenario sheet (and 33 more counters), 2 dice, ziploc bag packaging.