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"...Ka Mate.......Ka Mate"

 Kahmate' is a one-on-one board game opposing two rugby captains.

 You have to score a try by managing a six-player team. Pound your opponents with fearless forward drives, secure the ball away from the big guns and play together, just like a real game.

There is no room for luck in this board game. The best mastermind always win. Deal with your team’s fitness, try to surprise the opposite side.

Organise your line-up cleverly, prevent your opponents to attack. Grab the ball and send your winger to the try-line.  

Play rugby on board in a relaxed but challenging atmosphere.





Contents :

- A rugby pitch shape playing board
- 13 pawns (1 ball and 6 players for each side)
- 14 cards (2x6 playing cards and 2 rule reminder cards)
- Rules book in english and french version