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John Silver

John Silver  the pirates card game 

 2 to 4 players  ( 30 min. ave. time)



In John Silver, each player chooses a role as one of the four characters, and the cards representing those characters are laid out in a row on the table. Underneath them, there will be three rows, one for each of the card categories: treasure chests, pirates, and pirate ships; cards have to be played in the appropriate row. Each card has a number on it, along with gold coins, apples, or "Black Spots"..........

...............The strategy is finding the best way to lay down your cards in the rows. But if you miss the boat and don’t get enough booty this time around, fear not—with a game length of only 30 minutes, you can sail the seas once more and do better next time. Aye, matey, ‘tis a game you’ll want to play again.



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