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2 players


CirKle Wom  brings the traditional checkers

 board game right into the 21st century

Cirkle Wom

The new abstract/strategy board game for 2 players

CirKle Wom is played on a 8x11 board; 88 squares, 32 plastic disks pawns with one side numbered for the snooker option play.

There are 2 defence (attack) zones and 1 neutral central zone. You move your pawn according to the geometric shape of the square you land on, for instance there are 4 types of move


Circle/TANK (1 to 4 squares any direction),

 Triangle/AEROPLAN (1 to 6 squares diagonally-jumping),

 Cross/HELICOPTER (1 to 4 squares orthogonally-jumping),

 Square/WAR SHIP (1 to 8 squares orthogonally).

It is, also, possible to promote your disk to draughts status (2 pieces ) or tower status (3 pieces);

 the winner is the player who conquer the opponent's targets squares (2) located deeply in the defence area.(see above picture -> concentric circles)

 or the player who manage to capture, first, most of the opponent disks obviously.

The board is a dream for a strategist, offering plenty options for making most of your game play style.

3 play options :

1. Light play, pawns randomly placed in the defence area.
2. Pro play, pawns placed in the first 2 rows.
3. Snooker play, using the back numbered of the pieces, capturing odd or even numbers.....

3 different games.... only one box !!!


Enhance your mental power....


Cirkle Wom







 brings the traditional checkers board  game right

 into the 21st century



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 Streamlined Rules

 2010 !